Friday, November 07, 2008

TGIF.......maybe not

Today is Friday....usually means great things....the beginning of the weekend...tomorrow is college football family time.

This Friday is filled with 2 sick kids and a sick mom that 
have had a bad cold. Runny nose's, sore throats, lots of coughing, LOTS of missed sleep. Can I reiterate the lack of sleep that is going on. Almost none for mom. Kids that can't breath out of their nose's means kids that don't sleep well, when there are two do they ever sleep soundly at the same time...ummm.....nope.  


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DetJessandalltherest said...

Oh man - that stinks. Don't tell me these things when I am in baby mania!

Maybe tonight will be better?

Debbie said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World! Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up..check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

Nichole said...

ug, I've been sickish for the past 3 weeks and I can't seem to kick it. I was sick the week before I went home and it went away. Then in EP I didn't feel sick but my voice was shot and my nose was nice and stuffy the whole time. I think all the talking and yelling I was doing irritated my throat and lungs... I think it is finally starting to go away. I hope it doesn't come back...