Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a note to Mike Leach........

*******Note to Nichole and Michael you might not want to read this*******

I have to preface this with I have rooted for TT this season, I have wanted the best for them if we weren't going to win I would want them to go all the way. I may be a bit bitter,but I think I deserve to be.......Just have to react...............
“I want to wish them the best of luck,” Leach told a television reporter about the Cowboys.

Leach, a former Oklahoma assistant, also made reference to Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy’s epic post game rant after beating Texas Tech last season. During his tirade, he screamed, “I’m a man! I’m 40!”

“I’m 47 years old and I’m still not a man,” Leach said, “but I’m with him all the way.”
Ummmmmm first off, Mike Leach got notoriety, or at least his offer as a head coach, while a coach at OU. Second, why can't he be like the rest of the Big 12 coaches and root for the conference, rather than a single team. As I told my father earlier I would respect that if what he was said was said in a locker room, but not to the national media.

Sorry Nichole, but his blatant disregard for the Sooners gets under my skin.

If it were Bob (or even as Mack has stated...really Mack Brown) the Big 12 south is a VERY strong conference. No matter who goes it will be a good team. At this point I do not know if the Sooner will jump the Longhorns, but no matter who goes to the Big 12 champ, I know it will be a victory for the South. That is what matters, if it is us HOOOORAY, if not there is nothing I can do except root for the Longhorns.

I just am VERY, VERY put off by Leach's statement.
To root for a team that is playing against a team you coached for, a team that got you where you are....just sad.
Sorry Mike we won...........

#3OKLA (11-1)714162461
#12OKST (9-3)310131541

That is all. No matter if it is us or the Longhorns I wish them the best of luck. I truely hope it is us, but if not (unlike Mike Leach) I know the Big 12 South will be well represented.

PS..... I talked to my father earlier tonight and he told me to disreguard Mike's statement's. It had nothing to do with our game, and it didn't. It does have a lot to do with the way I feel though.

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Nichole said...

no worries! It is extremely rare for me to meet someone that didn't go to Tech that actually likes Mike Leach. The man just likes to talk without thinking and on a weekly basis something stupid usually comes out of his mouth... haha. :)

DetJessandalltherest said...

Ok. I can't comment on football but I can say...giiiiirl! You be bloggin'. It looks really cute - I love the video insert thing-y's.

Can't wait to catch up tomorrow!