Monday, August 25, 2008

The monster in the backyard

What do Jay and my dad have in common. They both spent a large chunk of this last weekend and this weekend putting together a swing set in the backyard for the kids. The kiddos LOVE it. They both just want to go outside and swing and go down the slide. It took them them about 12 hours to get it completed. I have pictures of the construction in progress, but my camera battery died this morning so we will have to post those another day.
they began by taking all the boards out, labeling them and stacking them on the back porch. The assembly began. After day one we had a slide, a ladder, rockwall, and two base frames. The second day they got all the rest of the steps completed. There were 27 in all, I would say there were more like between 110-150 because each step a several sub-steps.
Breanna went out on Sat night and said "daddy and granddaddy did sooooooo good"
Needless to say Sat night it was a little hard to get the kids to come inside and get ready for bed. they both cried. So if you want to know where we will be every evening from now on we will be in the backyard playing in the "treehouse" as Breanna calls it.

First picture is from the manufacturer, I failed to get a picture of the entire thing.

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Nichole said...

that looks like so much fun. I just know the little ones will get sooo many laughs and great memories out of it.

Tam Tam said...

Amanda, you know your days and nights are going to full of "mom watch me"!!! hehehehehe:)
Looks good-great job Dad and Grandad!