Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bathtime Fun!!

So the kiddos favorite thing is to take their bath at the end of the evening. They will sit in there till the water gets cold. They play and play. They are in there so long that Jay and I take turns watching them while they are in there.
They play together with cups, and bubble wands.

You can see the farmers tans that they are already sporting from playing outside already this summer.
They "swim" together.

Can you tell that they enjoy bath time?

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Momisodes said...

What fun! They are just so adorable in there. Looks like they love the water :)

Sam said...

So cute! Jarrah loves her bathtime, too. Makes me a bit sad that she only has her My Pretty Ponies to talk to in there. ;)

Reeni♥ said...

That's so cute! I bet they sleep good after, too!

Rocksee said...

Cutiepies! I used to swim in the bath till it was freezing.. I'd throw a huge fit if my mom took me out

Nichole said...

It looks as if they really enjoy their play time before bed. I like all the "art work" hanging up in there too!