Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Curls, Curls, and More Curls

I had the CRAZY idea that it would be fun to put curlers in Breanna's hair before we went to my parents house on Sunday. So after she took a bath I put all of these in her hair. Can you imagine that with a 3 year old, although I must say she sat still a lot longer than I thought that she would!

Most of the curls came out great. There was one that didn't seem to want to curl, it really didn't take. I don't think that her hair in that curler was completely dry. So here is the after shot. Her hair stayed really curly the next day too. Even after we washed it there was still a hint of curl in it.

She really enjoyed having curly hair. We are going to have to do it more often!
****see Nichole I did a post with no food in it just for you!!****

3 people showing some love:

Reeni♥ said...

How cute! And how patient she was!

Rocksee said...

what a doll!

Nichole said...

She looks so happy sitting there with all the curlers in her hair. She is such a McClain child, you can see it in her face so strong in that first picture.

The curls turned out great too. They looked really cute on her.

Thanks for the no food. ;)