Friday, May 01, 2009

Some Monther-Son time.....

As I previously posted JJ had a staph infection on his tummy this week. It was a tiny tiny spot. As I said before he couldn't go to daycare because he could have passed it on. So I got to stay home with him. Today Friday I did go to work, thanks to my Mom and Dad, who went above and beyond to make sure that I could go. My dad took the morning shift, and watched him after his bus run, and my mom took 1/2 a day off to watch him all afternoon. Do I have great parents or what?

Wed afternoon JJ and I went shopping. We got new shoes and jammies for both him and Breanna. JJ loved his Mickey Mouse jammies so much that he wouldn't take them off on Thurs. 

Thurs was a GREAT day. I took Breanna to school. Then JJ and I came home and had breakfast. My mom use to make us egg sandwiches, and we loved them. So what did I make for JJ and 
I of course egg sandwiches. I used croissants instead of bread, but we loved them all the same!
We spent the rest of the day playing, taking a nap, snuggling, and just enjoyed having a mother-son day all to ourselves.  As you can see he may have had a tiny staph infection, but it had no effect on his attitude and demeanor. He was my happy little boy!

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Gloria Chadwick said...

JJ is so cute! Glad you had some good mother-son time with him. I'm sure he really enjoyed it. :)

Nichole said...

YES!! You really do have GREAT parents!! :o) Awesome awesome parents. (I hope they read this)

JJ looks so cute and happy. I'm glad you enjoyed your mom.son time.

Reeni♥ said...

He is so precious! He has the sweetest smile. I'm glad you had some special one-on-one time with him. Your parents rock!