Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I have had dreams well actually nightmares the last 2 night that have woken me up from a sound sleep. I am not the type to wake up and go right back to sleep, it takes me awhile, between 30 min to an hour. It is not fun!

What are these dreams about?  WORK, yep that is right, work. 

The new position I have is going to be a lot more work, and might be a lot tougher than we (my boss and I) had originally thought. She has actually asked me on Wed if I regretted taking the position. I said no, and no I am not regretting taking the position. It just turns out that so far the position is a lot more intense than we had originally planned on it being. This is before the actual project/demo kicks off. 

It has been postponed 3 times now, and July 1 seems to be the start date as of now (originally it was April 1st). We need the extra time to get ready for it. 

So as the weeks tick down to go time things are getting sorted out and planned. Most departments in the hospital have their plan of action. However, I do not. There are still to many unknowns when it comes to the accounting side of things. 

This summer will surely be an interesting one at work that is for sure!

I hope tonight I get some real rest!

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Reeni♥ said...

I am the same way, it can take me hours to get back to sleep. Hope tonight's better!

Sam said...

I fret in the middle of the night, too. It's not fun. And forgive me for not knowing...but are you a nurse?