Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spraygrounds are OPEN!!

Today the spraygrounds officially opened for the summer. We were there a few minutes before the opening. So they kids played on the playground for a little bit. Then the water part opened. There aren't a lot of words needed, just look at them go!!

We might go back tonight (depending on the weather) and cook out some hamburgers on the grills that are out there and let them run their little hearts out!

Breanna LOVED the "spray garden" as she calls it last year, JJ didn't he wouldn't even get anywhere near the water. He sat on the bench the whole time.  Not this year though, he was in there running around. Neither one of them wanted to leave.

3 people showing some love:

Reeni♥ said...

That looks so fun! I wouldn't mind running through there-it's been so hot here!

{Katie Lane} said...

That does look fun! I would love that, even now :)

Nichole said...

ey look like they are having SO much fun.